Worship At Hopewell 

At Hopewell we follow a liturgy, or order of service, each Sunday that helps focus our minds on the message of the Gospel as the world seeks to distract us from the Good News. Each week we remember the Covenant that God made with us and respond to the call of the Gospel.

Each week we are invited to prepare our hearts to worship and adore our Creator and God; we hear and respond to His call to worship Him in Spirit an in truth; we sing psalms and hymns; confess our sins as a body of believers; hear Christ's assurance of pardon; offer gifts to God; hear Jesus preached through the sermon; respond in song; and corporately affirm our faith using a creed, catechism question, or a passage of scripture.

Worship at Hopewell is God-centered as well as corporate. The congregation is active in much of the service. The elements of the service found in the worship guide are carefully selected to edify the saints and make much of Christ. We hope that the worship guides (both online or taken from the service) can become a springboard for devotional time throughout the week. Hopewell uses historic liturgies from the Church and Bible as they have glorified God and edified His saints for centuries.

Worship Beyond Hopewell

Worship is not limited to one hour a week - it fills the life of the believer. Worship and devotion are daily opportunities to reset our hearts and grow in our relationship with our Savior. Below are some helpful resources to begin or deepen your personal walk with our Savior:
  •  The Daily Liturgy Podcast - created by Coram Deo Church in Omaha, NE, this daily podcast provides a reading from the Old Testament, the Psalms, the New Testament as well as the Lord's Prayer, a confession of sins, and other prayers. Made into both a podcast and a daily email to your inbox, the Daily Liturgy is an accessible way to spend time in the Word.
  • Daily Bible Reading Plans - a charted out plan for reading through the Bible expands our knowledge and faith while helping us constantly be meditating on the life and work of Jesus. A list of different reading plans can be found on Ligonier's website. As a church family, we are going through the 52-week plan found in the attached link.
  • Exploring, memorizing, and studying the historic creeds, confessions, and catechisms of the church grows our understanding, wonder, and perspective. Several apps and websites have these resources. Reach out to Pastor Brandon about where to start!
  • Worship Guides- the worship guide from each service provides a great resource for personal time with the Lord throughout the week. Mediating on the scripture readings, hymns, and the sermon from the past week provides a structure for reflection and growth.
  • Prayer Books - collections of prayers and liturgies provide a Gospel and Word-centered approach for daily reflection. We recommend Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship, the Book of Common Prayer, In the Lord I Take Refuge, and The Valley of Vision as great resources to look into.