Church Leadership

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Elders and Deacons

Presbyterians elect both Elders and Deacons to serve the church body. Elders govern and rule the church while deacons care for the church body. Our elders are divided into teaching elders (pastors) and ruling elders (laypeople). Presbyterians ordain both elders and deacons at Hopewell's annual meeting. Additionally, a Board of Trustees serve to maintain the church building, grounds, and manse in a non-ordained role.

Session of Elders:

  • Ron Kelsey, Clerk of Session
  • Doug Demaree
  • John Ditmars
  • Brad Faris
  • Alan Mathena
  • Stan Poe
  • Janet Stone
  • Chad Tearman
  • Mike Wicker


  • Jessica Brown
  • Michele Burgess
  • Amy Davidson
  • Barb Dirks
  • Lily Dow
  • Keith Fox
  • Karen Henry
  • Caice Lee
  • Brenda Mullins
  • Debra Swinehamer

Building and Grounds Trustees (Non-Ordained)

  • Seth Brown
  • Scott Henderson
  • Ed Henry (Chair)
  • Andrew Lee
  • Les Mink
  • Mark Myers
  • Roger Mullins
  • Janet Tearman
  • Rick Smith
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Pastor Brandon

Pastor Brandon grew up in Harlem, Georgia. Thanks to the wonderful people of Harlem Baptist Church, Brandon says that there has never been a time when he did not know that he was a child of God. Church has always been an important part of his life growing up, and as early as high school he sensed God calling him to pastoral ministry.

For many years, he resisted the call to ministry and instead pursued a career in business, primarily hospital administration. After high school, he enrolled at Georgia College & State University, where he met Monica. After graduating with a degree in Economics, he and Monica married and moved to Atlanta, GA, where he completed a Master of Healthcare Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University. Monica graduated from Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy.

In 2013, Brandon enrolled in seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, FL, and graduated in May of 2017 with a Master of Divinity Degree. In October of 2017, Brandon accepted the call to be Hopewell’s pastor.

Brandon enjoys cooking and most anything related to being outdoors - including keeping honeybees! Monica is an avid runner and loves to read. Adeline is an senior at Greenwood Christian Academy and enjoys sports, especially soccer, as well as playing the piano and singing. The Jolley’s enjoy hosting dinners at the manse and spending time with their Hopewell Family.