Pastor Job Description
Hopewell Presbyterian Church of Franklin, Indiana


Hopewell Presbyterian Church desires a pastor who is a mature person with a deep passion for the Lord, for the Bible, for a personal ministry, who possesses doctrinal views consistent with those of the EPC. The Pastor shall meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7. The Pastor, as a minister of the Gospel, shall be devoted to the service of Christ and the church; preaching and teaching the Word of God; administering the sacraments; and faithfully giving oneself to pastoral work. The Pastor will preach at most worship services; lead the congregation in worship; lead the church to discern God’s vision; work with the Session and Deaconate; supervise the staff; provide pastoral care for the congregation and partner with lay leadership to direct church ministries. The Pastor shall lead the church to fulfill its mission statement.

Mission Statement
Hopewell is a community of God’s people, saved by faith in Christ alone, renewed by worship in Word and Sacrament, nurtured by grace, and entrusted with the mission to proclaim Christ’s Lordship to all and in every area of life.

Desired Skills:
• Biblical exegetical skills, preaching and teaching
• Pastoral care
• Problem solving and listening skills
• Interpersonal relations
• Administrative and financial management
• Collaborative and team building
• Oral and written communication
• Crisis intervention and conflict management
• Effective time management
• Technology adeptness
• Theological understanding of the Church
• Ability to build partnerships in mission and ministry
• Ability to work with the broadest diversity of persons and groups
• Timely response to communications and issues

The Pastor, called primarily to the Word and Sacrament, will be responsible to Hopewell Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery of the Midwest, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. In meeting this responsibility, the Pastor will normally be expected to exercise pastoral, administrative, and representational leadership within the church organization and to serve the needs of the church as are identified in this job description. The role and responsibilities may be further refined from time to time as indicated by the needs of the church and by the mutual agreement of the Pastor and Session, so long as the agreement does not conflict with the EPC Book of Order or the provisions of the Terms of Call.

Areas of Specific Responsibility:

Word and Sacrament
• To plan services with the guidance of the Worship and Pulpit Committee, the organist and choir director; to lead the various worship services of the church
• To preach and teach the Word of God as written in the Old and New Testaments
• To call the congregation to personal faith in Christ, to repentance, to spiritual growth, to service and evangelism through biblically grounded sermons and teaching
• To preach the Word of God on the occasions as established by the Session, and to provide leadership in seeking qualified persons to fill the pulpit and conduct services when the Pastor is absent
• To administer Communion monthly, working with Session or other Elders to take Communion to shut-ins
• To encourage and help to equip congregational members who are called to evangelism
• To prepare congregants for membership in the church, including leading membership preparation class

• To create a church culture that increasingly embodies Christ’s example of servant leadership to all congregational leaders and the congregation as a whole
• To officiate at weddings and provide the couple with pre-marital counseling
• To officiate at services for the deceased, to provide bereavement counseling, and to insure an appropriate witness to the resurrection worship services
• To counsel families and individuals of the church and to refer people to professional counselors when needed
• To visit the sick in homes and hospitals; to contact inactive members; to contact prospective members, inviting them into the community of the church
• To teach as appropriate
• To study in order to prepare for improvement in preaching, counseling, teaching, and administration
• To commit to support and encourage participation in missions
• To lead in social outreach and true evangelism to the community

• To provide monthly reports on ministry activity to the Session
• To communicate with the church secretary; to provide schedule, bulletin, and newsletter information in a timely manner; to use the secretary’s skills and abilities to improve the efficiency of the ministry
• To communicate with the treasurer, to be aware of budget items, and to administer general oversight of finances
• To establish and keep regular office hours at the church office

All other items will be determined by the Terms of Call.